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High Temperature -Class H - Merk ATTelectic

Standard Specifications
Type of MotorTotally Enclosed Air Over (TEAO) Squirrel cage induction motor
Design standardsIEC 60034
Voltage and FrequencyStandard stock avaliable are:
220-240/380-415V/50Hz for 2.2 KW & below
380-415/660-720V/50Hz for 3KW & above
other voltages such as 200V, 346V, 440V, 460V & 60Hz can be supplied on request
Power Conditions± 5% of rated voltage and ± 1% frequency
± 1% phase unbalance
Time DutyContinuous rating S1 to IEC 60034 , BS 4999 and AS 1359 part 30 with follow-up emergency rating
to 300°C for 120 mins or even up to 400°C for 120 mins.
Cooling MethodTEAO, rely upon the strong air flow of the fan or blower which they are driving to cool them.
Method of StartingFull voltage direct on line starting or star-delta starting
MountingHorizontal foot mounting, flange mounting: B3. B5. B14, B35, V1
Insulation class & Temperate RiseFrom standard class H up to 400°C for 120mins
Rotor WindingSquirrel cage, aluminium conductor with end-ring and wafter blades integrally cast
Drive MethodBelt service (Note: Frame Size 225 and above is for coupling drive)
Direction of RotationStandard motors are suitable for operation in either direction of rotation. Direction of rotation of motor can be reversed by inerchanging any two of the power lines
Test ProcedureIEC and full voltage measuring starting operation
Fan CoverPressed steel
ShaftCarbon Steel, round shaft with key
BearingAnti-friction ball-bearings with heat resistant silicon thickened grease.
LubricationHeat resistant silicon thickened grease.
PaintingPhenolic rust-proof base plus lacquer surface finish. Painting in red
NameplateStainless steel
Ground TerminalNE set inside the terminal box

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